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The Braidwood Bakery has origins steeped in tradition and is proud to continue a legacy that began in 1926 with the famous Leeson family. Since its inception some 87 years ago the Bakery has been providing both locals and travellers a great place to meet and chat with friends or to stop and relax, before continuing their journey.

Braidwood is conveniently located at the top of the Clyde Mountain and is a gateway for travellers to the South Coast from all of southern New South Wales and Canberra.

The Bakery has changed hands many times throughout its illustrious history and was most recently purchased by Keith Woodman and his family who continue to operate this thriving little business.

The bakery was bought from Hans Christian Anderson with great assistance from Nat Mercuri in 2005 and underwent major renovations in 2006. This welcome addition brought with it a spacious new dining area, restrooms and also plenty more counter space to display their lovely array of goodies.

The bakery now employs around 35 staff and as such is a cornerstone of the community as it creates opportunities for employment that is rarely found in these small communities.

About Braidwood

The gorgeous and historic town of Braidwood is truly one of the little gems located in the NSW Southern Tablelands. Situated on the Kings Highway halfway between the national capital, Canberra, and the state’s South Coast, the entire town is classified by the National Trust and is the first complete town to be listed on the NSW State Heritage Register. Beautiful churches, pubs, galleries, craft and antique shops as well as our very own Braidwood Bakery all operate in sensitively restored old buildings which have served the town since the frantic gold rush days of the 1850s.

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