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Jeanette Woodman

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Typical day at Trapper’s for Jeanette

Jeanette is seen arriving at work anywhere between 5am and 7am. Firstly the day begins making coffees, assisting the customers in breaking their fast and displaying the handy work of the bakers and pastry chefs. As the morning rolls on there is always plenty to do, re-stocking the pie oven and sweets cabinet, clearing tables, ensuring all staff have a task to do, the list is endless. The main focus is the customer Jeanette is always making sure they are the number one priority. Whether it’s serving with a smile or offering a suggestion of what would be fantastic for Aunty Jane’s afternoon tea party Jeanette ensures all the customers walk away satisfied.

Favorite task at Trapper’s

Jeanette’s favourite task would have to be serving the customers. She loves seeing familiar faces come into the bakery and enjoys a joke, laugh and chat. Equally the winning over a new customer with a simple smile and acknowledgment gives her great satisfaction. Jeanette quotes; “Once you start to get repeat customers it is a sign of us doing something right in our business”. She finds it rewarding at the end of a big day to know the staff have made a difference to the customers, and they enjoyed their products and service they received.

Least favorite task at Trapper’s

Jeanette enjoys most of my tasks that she does daily at Trapper’s; “That is why I am still working in the business”. If she had to pick one job though, it would be scrubbing the dining room floor. Laughingly she tells of the state of the floor after a busy day and the enormous job of scrubbing it.

Favorite sweet at Trapper’s

Jeanette loves the sweet, smooth goodness of the vanilla slice made by her very talented sister Rachel. Her sweets are amazing and she takes great pride in all herwork which really shows when you come and have a look at the sweets display cabinet.

Favorite Pie at trapper’s

My favorite pie would have to be a good old fashioned curry pie. I love the fact that it has a little bit of heat but not too hot.

Favorite bread at Trappers

The sourdough bread is second to none. 7 days a week the Egyptian baker, Tony, makes a san Francisco sourdough which is a mix of white and wholemeal flour. On Friday and Saturdays Tony also bakes have a wholegrain and French Vienna sourdough loaf. Both are great to serve with a hot homemade soup or fresh with butter and honey.

Favorite Quote

“One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Do it now.”

Paulo Coelho