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Rachel Woodman

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Typical day at Trapper’s for Rachel:

Let’s look at a Wednesday, the most common day for making a large quantity of pies. The bakers and pastry chefs would have started very early in the morning. The bakers already have fresh bread coming out of the ovens as Rachel arrives at the bakery about 5am. The pastry chef has been hard at work mixing and cooking the mass quantities of pie meat required for the 5000 pies that will be made that day. Rachel gets to work rolling pastry, while being supported by 5 team members in the pie making process. It’s heavy manual labour, and it’s often joked that there is no need to visit the gym after a day of making pies. Once all the pies are baked the mammoth task of sanitising the bakery begins, leaving it sparkling for the next day’s production.

Favourite task at Trapper’s?

Rachel loves making the Danish. She described how the Danish dough can be quite difficult to work with especially during the hotter days in summer. Rachel gains satisfaction out of making the prefect Danish, ensuring the butter is laminated correctly and the pastry doesn’t rip when rolled out. Rachel added Danish also happen to taste amazing, especially with a cup of the bakery’s Allpress coffee.

Least favourite task at Trapper’s?

This question was quickly answered by Rachel; making spinach and fetta rolls. Rachel explained how the small bits of spinach end up everywhere. Days later spinach pieces still keep appearing, even after thoroughly cleaning everything.

Favourite sweet treat at Trapper’s?

Rachel has a bit of an old fashioned sweet tooth, choosing a date scone with a good scraping of real butter for a special treat.

Favourite pie flavour at Trapper’s?

Rachel loves the combination of the flavours present in the cheese and bacon pie. Add a good squeeze of tomato sauce and you have the perfect pie.

Favourite bread at Trapper’s?

Rachel simply can’t go past the Turkish bread. Beautiful fresh, toasted or to make sandwiches. It also can be turned into fabulous garlic bread, any dinner party host would be proud to serve. Crush fresh garlic, chop home-grown garden herbs and mix into soften butter. Split the Turkish bread length ways and lather on the butter mix. Cut into triangles and bake until edges turn golden brown.

Favourite Quote:

“If you have a dream, live that dream and someday your dream will come true”.