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NSW PERMIT Number  – LTPS/16/01298

Start Date: 19/2/2016
Closing Date: 13/3/2016

Drawing Date: 13/3/2016
Drawn at Braidwood Bakery, 99 Wallace Street, Braidwood, NSW 2622 at 4.00PM AEST.

All Prize winners are notified by phone, email or / and mail.

R. Woodman, Braidwood Bakery, 99 Wallace Street, Braidwood, NSW, 2622.


  • Customers are eligible to enter the raffle once they purchase over $10.00 of any product from the Braidwood Bakery, 99 Wallace Street, Braidwood.
  • Entrants must write their name, phone number, mailing address and email address on the back of their receipt and place it into the barrel provided.
  • Winning Cash Amounts: 1 x $5000 (plus $2000 extra if winner is present on the day at time of draw. If not present, an extra 1 x $2000 will be given away), 2 x $1000, 4 x $250. This totals $10000 cash.
  • Major prize winner must be present and collect money within four minutes of prize being drawn to qualify for extra $2000. Otherwise bonus prize will be retracted and a second prize draw of $2000 will be drawn.
  • Participants don’t have to be present to receive all other prize draws.
  • Staff members of the Braidwood Bakery are unable to enter.

More about Rachel

Typical day at Trapper’s for Rachel:

Let’s look at a Wednesday, the most common day for making a large quantity of pies. The bakers and pastry chefs would have started very early in the morning. The bakers already have fresh bread coming out of the ovens as Rachel arrives at the bakery about 5am. The pastry chef has been hard at work mixing and cooking the mass quantities of pie meat required for the 5000 pies that will be made that day. Rachel gets to work rolling pastry, while being supported by 5 team members in the pie making process. It’s heavy manual labour, and it’s often joked that there is no need to visit the gym after a day of making pies. Once all the pies are baked the mammoth task of sanitising the bakery begins, leaving it sparkling for the next day’s production.

Favourite task at Trapper’s?

Rachel loves making the Danish. She described how the Danish dough can be quite difficult to work with especially during the hotter days in summer. Rachel gains satisfaction out of making the prefect Danish, ensuring the butter is laminated correctly and the pastry doesn’t rip when rolled out. Rachel added Danish also happen to taste amazing, especially with a cup of the bakery’s Allpress coffee.

Least favourite task at Trapper’s?

This question was quickly answered by Rachel; making spinach and fetta rolls. Rachel explained how the small bits of spinach end up everywhere. Days later spinach pieces still keep appearing, even after thoroughly cleaning everything.

Favourite sweet treat at Trapper’s?

Rachel has a bit of an old fashioned sweet tooth, choosing a date scone with a good scraping of real butter for a special treat.

Favourite pie flavour at Trapper’s?

Rachel loves the combination of the flavours present in the cheese and bacon pie. Add a good squeeze of tomato sauce and you have the perfect pie.

Favourite bread at Trapper’s?

Rachel simply can’t go past the Turkish bread. Beautiful fresh, toasted or to make sandwiches. It also can be turned into fabulous garlic bread, any dinner party host would be proud to serve. Crush fresh garlic, chop home-grown garden herbs and mix into soften butter. Split the Turkish bread length ways and lather on the butter mix. Cut into triangles and bake until edges turn golden brown.

Favourite Quote:

“If you have a dream, live that dream and someday your dream will come true”.

More about John

Typical week at Trapper’s for John:

There are two great things about working at Trappers in john’s eyes. These being, the people interaction and the diversity of the job. A typical week goes like this … Monday in Goulburn. Tuesday in Braidwood. Wednesday back in Goulburn. Thursday , out to Wagga and Friday either stay at Wagga or out to Braidwood again. Weekends are a mixture of family time, work and of course, play.

Favourite task at Trapper’s?

Interacting with the customers. If time would permit this is something that could be done all day long at all bakeries. It’s not just his love of a good chat and a yarn but also giving the customers a sense of belonging at their favourite coffee venue. It’s also a good way to find out any customer feedback , on both sides of the coin.

Least favourite task at Trapper’s?

Easy .. in the winter, packing the drinks fridge. This opinion changes come December when it just so happens that the weather warms up a little!

Favourite sweet treat at Trapper’s?

Isn’t that a bit of a trick question? So, apart from cheating and saying EVERYTHING , it has to be hands down the caramel slice. Wins on so many levels. Small so it doesn’t fill you up. Easy to cut and share(not that I would). Saves quite nicely in the fridge for later on. Easy to eat whilst travelling. Packs well in a box with other treats. Oh and of course they taste sensational.

Favourite pie flavor at Trapper’s?

If this was a “What would you choose for your last meal” type question then it would have to be one of Johno’s from Wagga , Chili Con Carne pies . If that one is not the pie of the week then it has to be a grand final decider between the Steak & Mushroom and the Cheese & Bacon.

Favourite bread at Trapper’s?

John loves the Turkish but can’t wait for weekends when Tony brings out his masterpiece, the Wholegrain Sourdough. He believes there isn’t a sandwich/toast filling or breakfast combination known to man that doesn’t go with this style of bread.

Favourite Quote:

He actually has two favourites both short and to the point.

  1. ‘If we can’t find a way we’ll make a way’
  2. ‘Nothing occurs without movement’

Albert Einstein

More about Jeanette

Typical day at Trapper’s for Jeanette

Jeanette is seen arriving at work anywhere between 5am and 7am. Firstly the day begins making coffees, assisting the customers in breaking their fast and displaying the handy work of the bakers and pastry chefs. As the morning rolls on there is always plenty to do, re-stocking the pie oven and sweets cabinet, clearing tables, ensuring all staff have a task to do, the list is endless. The main focus is the customer Jeanette is always making sure they are the number one priority. Whether it’s serving with a smile or offering a suggestion of what would be fantastic for Aunty Jane’s afternoon tea party Jeanette ensures all the customers walk away satisfied.

Favorite task at Trapper’s

Jeanette’s favourite task would have to be serving the customers. She loves seeing familiar faces come into the bakery and enjoys a joke, laugh and chat. Equally the winning over a new customer with a simple smile and acknowledgment gives her great satisfaction. Jeanette quotes; “Once you start to get repeat customers it is a sign of us doing something right in our business”. She finds it rewarding at the end of a big day to know the staff have made a difference to the customers, and they enjoyed their products and service they received.

Least favorite task at Trapper’s

Jeanette enjoys most of my tasks that she does daily at Trapper’s; “That is why I am still working in the business”. If she had to pick one job though, it would be scrubbing the dining room floor. Laughingly she tells of the state of the floor after a busy day and the enormous job of scrubbing it.

Favorite sweet at Trapper’s

Jeanette loves the sweet, smooth goodness of the vanilla slice made by her very talented sister Rachel. Her sweets are amazing and she takes great pride in all herwork which really shows when you come and have a look at the sweets display cabinet.

Favorite Pie at trapper’s

My favorite pie would have to be a good old fashioned curry pie. I love the fact that it has a little bit of heat but not too hot.

Favorite bread at Trappers

The sourdough bread is second to none. 7 days a week the Egyptian baker, Tony, makes a san Francisco sourdough which is a mix of white and wholemeal flour. On Friday and Saturdays Tony also bakes have a wholegrain and French Vienna sourdough loaf. Both are great to serve with a hot homemade soup or fresh with butter and honey.

Favorite Quote

“One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Do it now.”

Paulo Coelho

Some 50 Years ago, in a region known as Bannister – near Crookwell, a dream was born.

The boss Keith, known as The Trapper, was out in the bush with his father Bill trapping rabbits. Just on dusk, Bill lit a campfire not far from the tent. Fancying himself a bit with the bushtucker, he began to bake a damper in a camp-oven he’d bought from a travelling swagman a few years before. Unbeknown to Bill, a seed had been planted in a young Keith’s head – to one day become a baker.

This dream finally became a reality with the Bakery of Goulburn being born, followed soon thereafter with The Braidwood Bakery.

We hope you all enjoy the atmosphere and the tucker as much as The Trapper has enjoyed living the dream.

The Trapper

Many of you may not realize, but each of our famous Trappers Pies is made by hand at Trappers Goulburn.  That’s right, we schedule in what seems like a lot of time each week, into making our pies with genuine love.  We prepare the filling’s, the pastry, and the toppings and then gather the back of house bakery experts and run the production line.


Goulburn’s International bakery specialist, “The Breadman”, specialises in sourdough bread and much much more.Braidwood is home of the world famous High Top, and their team of experienced bakers offer an array of traditional breads and so much more


Pies and Hot Food

The Bakery offers a large range of delicious meat and vegetarian Pies, Sausage Rolls and Quiches as well as made to order hot food like our crowd favourite the good old bacon and egg roll!


Sweet Treats

Try our mouth-watering cakes, slices and delectable pastries.  Braidwood also offers a selection of gluten free treats to tempt you!


Healthy Options

For those looking for something a little more healthy try our range of fresh salads, juices, yoghurts, sandwiches and wraps.



Trappers is proud to provide you with the best coffee in NSW – Allpress.  Try one today!



For your accommodation needs, Trappers can also provide you with a clean, comfortable and inviting place to rest your head. The Bakehouse Motel operates in Goulburn at present, but watch this space for future Motel additions to the Trappers business.

Click here to view the Bakehouse Motel Website


Trappers Bakery is pleased to help you with your catering needs.  Please fill in the enquiry form below and remember to include a few details in the comments section regarding the type of food you require and we will get straight back to you.

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