Trappers Bakery of Goulburn

50 Years of Rich Local History

Made daily from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients, our baked goods are backed by memory makers who happen to be bakers.

Visit us in Goulburn

Located in Goulburn, Trappers Bakery first opened its doors in October 2006. It has since become increasingly popular due to the products served; this is demonstrated by the awards won since its inauspicious beginning.

A large enclosed verandah looks to the northeast: here, you can sit in the sun and relax while having one of our famous pies, a cup of coffee and a delicious sweet treat, a sandwich or whatever takes your fancy. All our delectable pastries are baked fresh in our bakery every morning and are made with all-natural, fresh ingredients.

The perfect location to sit and relax, meet up with friends or have a restful break mid-journey, as we are located just off the freeway.

Trappers Bakery Exterior with cars