Delicious Memories

A Family Owned business – from one generation to the next. Honouring our proud history whilst creating a future.

While some things may have changed over the past 50 years, our values haven’t changed a bit. We still deliver the best tucker like it was cooked in the camp oven.

Creating delicious memories

Some 50 years ago, in a region known as Bannister – near Crookwell, a dream was born.

The boss, Keith, known as The Trapper, was out in the bush with his father Bill trapping rabbits. Just on dusk, Bill lit a campfire not far from the tent. Fancying himself a bit with the bush tucker, he began to bake a damper in a camp oven he’d bought from a travelling swagman a few years before. Unbeknown to Bill, a seed had been planted in a young Keith’s head – to one day become a baker. This dream finally became a reality with the Bakery of Goulburn being born, followed soon thereafter with The Braidwood Bakery. We hope you all enjoy the atmosphere and the tucker as much as The Trapper has enjoyed living the dream.

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