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Our Team

The Trapper – Keith Woodman

_V9C8035Keith, known throughout the community as ‘The Trapper’ was born and bred in Goulburn. His parents, Bill and Ann Woodman, were a testament to love and not money, growing up in what was then considered as the fibro struggle street of Goulburn, Wyatt Street. In his early years it became apparent that Keith had been gifted with sporting ability, excelling in cricket and rugby league. This continued throughout his schooling years and well into adult life. Along with his sporting talents he also developed an entrepreneurial spirit, having a crack at no less than twelve jobs and businesses, all before he left high school. Spud digger, paper boy, rabbit trapper, shed builder, concreter, mechanic, rural contractor, farm hand, motelier and most recently baker are just some a few of the trades Keith has turned his hand to.

Blessed with three children from an ever hard working wife in Gemma, Keith considers himself a family man and cannot speak highly enough of his children or the strength they have given him. Knowing that establishing a business while one has no money was always going to be a difficult feat, Keith drew on his inner ability to always pursue excellence and reminded himself daily of the saying ‘tough times don’t last, tough men do’. Wife, Gemma gave great support and Keith worked as if there were no tomorrow. The children, John, Jeanette and Rachel, could have easily taken a different path but chose to embrace whatever business Keith had going at the time.  With award winning motels, bakeries and property developments, the family are now being blessed with the benefits of their hard work, while keeping their feet on the ground and remembering where they came from. Keith as the principle, has set the example but without the support of his family, the arguable title of the best bakeries in NSW and indeed Australia, may ever have been achieved.

General Manager – Jeanette Woodman

Jeanette has been shaped from humble beginnings to embrace hard work and succeed where any others would have simply walked away. The true test of this character was highlighted in 1997, when the Trapper embarked on a dream, building what would become an award winning, 74 room motel, restaurant and function centre. The iconic Trapper’s Motel was opened in 1998 and without question Trapper selected his eldest daughter Jeanette to manage the property. Jeanette welcomed this challenge, building up a strong clientele base and positive reputation. It was this business along with the hard work of previous years that paved the way for the family to purchase The Braidwood Bakery and build the Goulburn Bakery. Since the sale of Trapper’s Motel and Restaurant in 2009, Jeanette has been an integral part of the day to day running of the bakeries. Always looking to improve her knowledge and skill set Jeanette continues to study, most recently completing her Certificate IV in Hospitality management, Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training plus Frontline Management. This study has allowed Jeanette to train the employees, resulting in Certificate III in Hospitality traineeships being obtained both in the Goulburn and Braidwood stores. This training has been very rewarding both for Jeanette and also the employees, with a noticeable difference in the quality of service now offered to customers.

Operations Manager – John Woodman

John is the eldest of the trio. Growing up on the farm and then going to St Gregory’s College has really helped set John up with his hard working, no nonsense type approach to life. After attending Sydney University he worked on the farm and then managed QBE’s Rural Insurance division in Goulburn. Whilst doing this he helped out at Trappers Motel and got involved with the families rural subdivision work and building operations. He then opened up a First National Real Estate office which he ran with his great mate and business partner Barry McEntee, until 3 years ago when he came ’home’ and now helps manage the family business. John is blessed to have a loving partner and two beautiful daughters, Lily and Maisie.

Bakery Manager – Rachel Woodman

Rachel brings up the tail of the Woodman family, being its youngest member. She has been described as the competent all rounder, accomplishing many things in her life thus far. Having lent her hand to real estate, finance, office administration and even giving university a crack, Rachel returned to Trapper’s Goulburn, in 2010 to pursue her true passion; baking. She is currently focusing on her baking apprenticeship, continually striving to maintain the excellent standard of products available at Trapper’s.