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John Woodman

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Typical week at Trapper’s for John:

There are two great things about working at Trappers in john’s eyes. These being, the people interaction and the diversity of the job. A typical week goes like this … Monday in Goulburn. Tuesday in Braidwood. Wednesday back in Goulburn. Thursday , out to Wagga and Friday either stay at Wagga or out to Braidwood again. Weekends are a mixture of family time, work and of course, play.

Favourite task at Trapper’s?

Interacting with the customers. If time would permit this is something that could be done all day long at all bakeries. It’s not just his love of a good chat and a yarn but also giving the customers a sense of belonging at their favourite coffee venue. It’s also a good way to find out any customer feedback , on both sides of the coin.

Least favourite task at Trapper’s?

Easy .. in the winter, packing the drinks fridge. This opinion changes come December when it just so happens that the weather warms up a little!

Favourite sweet treat at Trapper’s?

Isn’t that a bit of a trick question? So, apart from cheating and saying EVERYTHING , it has to be hands down the caramel slice. Wins on so many levels. Small so it doesn’t fill you up. Easy to cut and share(not that I would). Saves quite nicely in the fridge for later on. Easy to eat whilst travelling. Packs well in a box with other treats. Oh and of course they taste sensational.

Favourite pie flavor at Trapper’s?

If this was a “What would you choose for your last meal” type question then it would have to be one of Johno’s from Wagga , Chili Con Carne pies . If that one is not the pie of the week then it has to be a grand final decider between the Steak & Mushroom and the Cheese & Bacon.

Favourite bread at Trapper’s?

John loves the Turkish but can’t wait for weekends when Tony brings out his masterpiece, the Wholegrain Sourdough. He believes there isn’t a sandwich/toast filling or breakfast combination known to man that doesn’t go with this style of bread.

Favourite Quote:

He actually has two favourites both short and to the point.

  1. ‘If we can’t find a way we’ll make a way’
  2. ‘Nothing occurs without movement’

Albert Einstein